The Employment Equity Partnership (EEP) is a public-private sector partnership on data-driven solutions to systemic racism and inequitable employment in Canada. EEP engages corporate sector employers and larger non-profits to benchmark the diversity of their current workforce and co-develop pathways for engaging talents from under-represented groups, including Indigenous, Black and other racialized groups. The EEP takes an intersectional approach to creating Workplace Equity Scorecards (WES) that highlight systemic inequalities and barriers to equitable employment and support services across civil society, tech, healthcare, tourism & hospitality and financial sectors. The equity scorecards focus on developing performance metrics as well as highlight gaps in access to equitable employment among under-represented groups in the workplace.

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The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated inequities that exist in our labour market due to long-standing systemic racism and discrimination. It has revealed great disparities among racialized communities; it has also presented an opportunity for a re-imagined future. The push for dismantling historical and structural discrimination starts with a necessary audit and data-driven assessment of workplace standards and levers for systemic change. The EEP works with stakeholders, partners and leaders across public and private sectors to address long-standing and emerging issues of racism, systemic racism and various forms of discrimination in the workplace, through our REDI program delivery.

Our REDI Framework

Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) framework is our service offering to support multi-level and multi-sector organizations in their understanding and prospects for advancing racial inclusion. We believe race is the fulcrum and starting point for conversations and behavioural change towards equity and inclusion. We work from intersectionality, centring our work on racial equity at the intersection of gender, youth leadership, accessibility and other social determinants for inclusion. We provide racial and gender data analytics with targeted benchmarks for solutions design, implementation and progress tracking.  Our delivery process covers the range of REDI baseline assessment to strategic action planning and orientation for systems and structural change.

Partnership with Excellence Canada

Through a strategic alliance with Excellence Canada, we are leveraging multi-sector partnerships for the delivery of our REDI process. Our clients include some of Canada’s top employers and stakeholders in communities, academic institutions, civil sector and non-profit organizations and government agencies. Our REDI program combined with Excellence Canada’s Organizational Excellence Standards support systems change, accountability and development of excellence standards for public-private sector effectiveness. Through the Employment Equity Partnership, we invite collaboration and participation from employers and stakeholders seeking to create inclusive and healthy workplaces.

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