TIP 1.0


The Inclusion Project (TIP) is a social innovation network of organizations, communities and institutions engaged in knowledge development and practice to support and further equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).


Through research, community engagement and prototype development, we support business, government, civil society and educational institutions in their understanding and application of EDI. 

Our theory of change is predicated on the need for innovative change in process, policy and practice. We engage community to inform decision-making, strategy development and structuring change for business, non-profit, government and educational institutions. We take an intersectional and cross-collaborative approach to developing new processes and prototypes for advancing equity.

Our Theory of Change:

We believe that numbers do not tell the full story. We match qualitative data with quantitative indicators to develop holistic measures of change by working with multi-level stakeholders to analyze power relations and identify new measures for inclusivity and equitable. We help people develop grounded expertise through their shared lived experiences and help organizations find their common stories. 

We measure success, not only in numbers, but by impact. We seek to empower people through tailored programs and processes for lasting impact.

How we Measure Success:

How we Work:


The Inclusion Project provides a platform for stakeholders in business, government, civil society and educational institutions for strategic engagement on critical issues of decolonization and migration for Indigenous peoples around the world and newcomers to Canada.

We develop strategic frameworks for the advancement of racial inclusion & reconciliation in public policy, economic development & civic engagement.


The Inclusion Project is partnering with the Victoria  Foundation to identify and address issues related to gender equity and employment in the Greater Victoria region, focusing on the experiences of women in public and private sectors.

The action learning lab will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Gender Equality (Goal 5) and Decent Work & Economic Growth (Goal 8). The goal is to co-create and develop prototypes and pilot projects, in partnership with local and national champions for a more inclusive community, society and world.


At The Inclusion Project, we believe in the power of youth, in line with local and global need for talent, innovation and capacity building. Through our Youth Engagement Lab, we connect youth from all backgrounds through strategic dialogues, networking opportunities and mentorship programs designed to equip them with skills to impact lasting change.