The Inclusion Project

  our hands

“The story of  The Inclusion Project is the story of us all -

it's a story that binds us together”


Ruth Mojeed

Founder/Chief Equity Officer

"Gender equity will take those differently situated women of color and low-income communities to the outcome they are seeking."

Mira Nurgalieva

Director of Operations & PR

“The intersections of our identity are woven fabric inked with the experiences we live to see.” 

Zara Chaudhry

Project Manager (Youth & Events)

“In the world that’s so increasingly interconnected we can’t afford to disregard equity and inclusion.

Taking steps of reconciliation and understanding of systemic inequalities will provide a fuller, more diverse and more fulfilling future for everyone.”

Darya Lyubymova

Project Manager (Comms and Research)

Now is the time for all Canadians, but especially non-racialized Canadians, to look inwards and challenge our biases, fears, assumptions and privilege, and engage in difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

Sangeeta Subramanian

Director of Fund Development