About TIP...

The Inclusion Project (TIP) is a social innovation network and resource hub for organizations, communities and institutions engaged in knowledge development and practice to further racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI).

TIP was born from a place of lived experience of racism, workplace discrimination, inequalities, stereotypes and unconscious biases. Our intersecting areas of impact are gender and youth leadership.

Our theory of change is predicated on the need for innovative change in process, policy and practice. We engage community to inform decision-making, roadmap and strategy development for business, non-profit, government and academic institutions.


Reconciliation & Racial Equity

We work with racialized – Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) – communities to relationship building, establishing trust and respect with community leaders and key stakeholders to build solidarity, allyship and support through knowledge sharing and co-created equity frameworks for all. We launched a community learning series, Community Connect, to engage community members and leaders, and connect with multi-level stakeholders in government, civil society, business and academia.

Gender Equity

This initiative takes a cross-sectoral approach to engage business leaders on intersectional issues of equity and inclusion with a focus on employment and workplace practices. The goal of this initiative is to take a gendered lens to employment practices and development within the region and beyond. We have an on-going partnership with the Victoria Foundation to foster engagement and development of initiatives (pilot projects) within the Greater Victoria region.

Youth Leadership

We take an intergenerational approach to support youth leadership, skills development and community impact and action through partnership development and dialogues for stakeholder collaboration and support. Through our flagship, Power of Youth in Action, we engage youth across the province (and beyond) on issues of reconciliation and racial equity, gender equity and climate action.