Gayathri Shukla

Gayathri is a Professional Engineer and currently leads digital transformation programs at Suncor Energy. She holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Calgary, and an MBA from Queen’s University, Canada. She brings over 16 years of experience, which includes a depth in technical field-based roles, as well as a breadth of expertise in business strategy development, governance, and project management. Gayathri resides in Calgary with her husband and two children. Born in India, Gayathri first moved to the Middle East, and later immigrated to Canada with her parents and younger brother in 1998. Having lived in 3 countries, Gayathri has a nuanced appreciation of the challenges that comes with adapting to new cultures. She recently launched a volunteer-based storytelling community, Campfire Kinship, to highlight the stories of resilience and diversity in STEM related professions. She is a member of the Board of Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA), where she is passionate about applying her skills and experience to create a positive impact for the community that CIWA serves.