Chandrima Mazumdar

Research Associate

Chandrima is a communication specialist and sustainability enthusiast from Kolkata, India. She has over 15 years of experience working for some of India’s largest media organizations in radio, television, print and web. She is a skilled orator and a professional voiceover artist with four audiobooks released by Audible and contributing writer to several magazines and blogs. She holds an MBA in Media Leadership from the University of Cumbria where she focused her research on the portrayal of women on Indian television. She moved to Canada in 2019 to pursue a Masters in Global Management at Royal Roads University and conducted her final research on how systemic barriers prevent immigrants from acculturating into Canadian society. Chandrima considers herself a voracious reader and enjoys solving crossword puzzles. She is currently based in Victoria, B.C. and has a penchant for the peculiar, whimsical and inspiring.