Arunita Das

Arunita Das (she/her) has a passion for advancing research around racial injustice, equity, and diversity. Thus, she strives to stay engaged in community initiatives that organize anti-racist projects. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Socio-Legal Studies from York University. Throughout her graduate studies and work experience with non-profit charitable organizations, Das has been developing research in racism, hate and extremism, colonization, and feminist criminology for over five years. Her work with media historians, hate, reparative, and racial justice scholars allowed her to gain significant experience with content analysis, data analysis, and communications. She brings this passion to TIP by supporting the implementation and development of TIP’s digital presence and strives to support research and initiatives around equity, diversity and inclusion, and anti-oppression in an accessible manner. Along with her work at TIP, Das is also doing her PhD in Socio-Legal studies, studying the legal regulation of online hate speech and hate-motivated violence in Canada.