About us

The Inclusion Project (TIP) is a social innovation network and resource hub for organizations, communities and institutions engaged in knowledge development and practice to further racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI). Our theory of change is predicated on the need for innovative change in process, policy and practice.

Our Mission and Goals

To be a resource hub for corporate, community, academic and public organizations engaged in knowledge development and practice to further racial equity, diversity and inclusion. To engage multi-level stakeholders on intersecting issues of racial and gender equity and an inter-generational approach to youth leadership, for which we aim at:

  • Delivering key programs for community impact
  • Capacity building for research and intercultural competence development
  • Race and gender-based talent resourcing and employer support for employment equity
  • Promote intercultural competence through coaching, mentoring, benchmarking and strategic action planning and framework development
  • Public leadership and strategic partnerships for advancing REDI in policy, process and practice.

Value Proposition

We invite you to join our membership and kinship network to:

  • Access to knowledge hub and co-learning lab for best-in-class REDI practices.
  • Participate in REDI awareness webinars and public forum hosted by The Inclusion Project and partner organizations.
  • Access to event/research reports, white papers, publicly sourced data and other sector/industry specific content.
  • Access to TIP kinship network for peer-to-peer learning and organizational capacity development across sectors.
  • Access comprehensive REDI audits, assessment, evaluation, employee resourcing and strategic action framework at discounted rates.
  • Access customized corporate training, coaching, mentorship and intercultural competence support at discounted rate.
  • Opportunity to be certified in The Inclusion Project’s REDI Readiness program and Certificate of Merit Excellence Canada’s annual Awards for Excellence.

Membership Categories

Annual Membership

(Apr 1, 2021 – Mar 31, 2022)

REDI Partner








Service Credit (that can be redeemed for paid trainings, future events) Up to $1000 Up to $750 Up to $500 Up to $250
REDI workplace assessment and consulting services discount for members 10% 5% 5%
Mutual Partner Concessions with Excellence Canada 10% 10% 10%
Customized training for up to 20 people in your organization 10% 10% 10%
Independent validation of your organization’s REDI and employment equity framework 15% 10%
Partner rebates on TIP’s future events, workshops and conferences 35% 25% 20% 15%
Priority status on members’ requests for coaching, consultation, training, and mentoring
Access to group online trainings, resources and knowledge hub
Annual TIP “REDI Readiness & Champion” Award nominations/recognition
Member organizations REDI-related opportunities promoted through TIP’s newsletters and/or email blasts
Access to quarterly virtual ‘Coffee Chats’
Member recognition and listing on TIP’s website

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Individual Memberships 

Prices not inclusive of applicable taxes
Individual Memberships ANNUAL PACKAGE*
(APR 1, 2021 – MAR 31, 2022)
Professional Membership$350
Youth and Student Membership$150
Group Membership (Group of 3-5 individuals) $250 per person
International Membership$500

Individual Member Benefits (Generally priced for non-members)

  • Quarterly TIP Talks
  • Quarterly Leadership Circles
  • Access to social and professional development events
  • Access to REDI resources and toolkits
  • Priority access to TIP annual events, workshops and conferences