TIP Talks – Webinar Series

What are “TIP Talks”?

The Inclusion Project is organizing a quarterly series of webinars that address some of the most pertinent issues of the day. Starting in May, “TIP Talks” will cover topics ranging from understanding the need for EDI to learning how to shift an organization’s culture to be more inclusive.

EDI Fundamentals – what is it and why do we need it? 

The need for EDI has emerged as an important conversation across Canada and the rest of the world prompted by social movement, cultural reconstruction and various economic factors. Creating a space for having these conversations have never been more essential, both as a business driver, cultural imperative and for organizations to connect with their increasingly diverse workforces.

The Inclusion Project is organising the first in its year-long calendar of monthly webinars to engage with everyone who want to have tools and resources to begin building an organizational culture shift that incorporate equity and inclusion in decision-making and policy development. The series of webinars aim to create a pathway to embed the values of equity, diversity and inclusion in personal interactions and across all levels of organizations to help us adapt to changing economic, demographic and social realities.

First Session – To be Announced! 

Time: TBA

Duration: 60 mins 

Cost: $150 for non-members/complimentary for members 

Within this 60 minute session, we will: 

    • Lay the foundation for creating more equitable, diverse and inclusive working environments
    • Create a space where people feel comfortable asking questions and learning
    • Provide a set of first steps for forward-thinking and planning

Future Topics:

Your guide to navigating race in the workplace

Understanding bias – yours and others’

Power & privilege


Shifting workplace culture