What is the “Leadership Circle”?

The Inclusion Project’s “Leadership Circle” is a community forum for discussing best practices, creating accountability and offering mentorship opportunities for TIP members, youth networks, communities, EDI practitioners and partners. The quarterly leadership sessions will invite discussions on power dynamics, power imbalances and barriers to employment among young and seasoned professionals, by providing mentorship, networking and career development opportunities for racialized youth and others seeking opportunities for meaningful employment. The leadership circles will be held on a quarterly basis, with a focus on specific sectors and industries with particular emphasis on employment equity.

Why are we doing this?

Through TIP’s network, we will identify key leaders within specific sectors and invite discussions with youth and others prospecting for employment within respective sectors. These conversations will bring into light the actions and specific steps being taken by organizations and create opportunities for collaboration and talent attraction/retention. The discussions will focus both on lived experience perspectives (storytelling) and professional advice and recommendations for emerging and prospective leaders within sectors. We will seek to match newcomers, racialized youth and others with industry leaders, support networks and mentors to create a cycle of communication, engagement and success stories. Through these discussions, TIP aims to create a network of trust that fosters greater trust, understanding and collaboration among leaders and emerging leaders.

The first Leadership Circle discussion is scheduled for June and will feature an in-depth discussion on employment equity in the financial sector.

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