Sara Ali

Prior to working at the Inclusion Project, Sara worked as a Research and Program Coordinator at the University of California – Los Angeles and the University of Toronto where she managed the Transnational Justice Project.  Her areas of specialization explore issues concerning social inequality, transnational and diasporic identity formation, critical multiculturalism, and human rights.  As a researcher and project coordinator, she embodies the concept of interdisciplinary research and collaboration, bridging the gap between diverse experiences to create a holistic picture of racial justice and equity.

Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Development Studies with a specialization in Social Policy and Social Action from the University of Waterloo and received her Master of Arts in Political Science with a specialization in African Studies from Carleton University.  She has served as a guest editor convening various high profile blog series and has worked with collaborators on various web-based, advocacy and social media related projects, such as her work with and the launch of the Critical Approaches to International Law Summer School program.

With a foundation in multidisciplinary scholarship, Sara takes a comprehensive approach to the various projects and learning modalities. This involves the importance of taking seriously people’s lived experiences as a key feature of knowledge production.  In this regard, she has worked within the Independent Living Movement and has prioritized learning about issues of import to the Indigenous peoples of Canada which she sees as key to her ongoing commitment to supporting projects that require that we envision new forms of living and being in the world.

Sara lives in Ottawa, Canada with her partner, Mel, her dog Syman and two cats, Victor and Viola.