Jamison Escobar Gunn

Research & Project Coordinator

Jamison Escobar Gunn grew up seeing the inequalities between his two families, coming from first-generation immigrants and white settlers, their respective treatment became clear to him at a young age. Having come from a place of privilege while witnessing the mistreatment of one side of his family, Jamison seeks to use the advantages given him to create a more equitable society for people like his racialized family. He received his undergrad degree from the University of Victoria in History and English Literature, focusing on post-colonial global systems. Jamison began his work with The Inclusion Project at the inaugural forum as a volunteer and continues his work as a Project Coordinator. Involved in other inclusion-based initiatives and institutions, Jamison has taken on roles such as Events & Campaigns Coordinator for the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) local committee at multiple universities, and as a volunteer in the Human Rights Education Volunteers (HREV). Jamison has also spoken at several undergraduate conferences based on independent research. An advocate for justice, equality, and diversity, Jamison has found himself managing alternative forms of advocacy such as leading a diversity-based fashion show. Armed with a passion for equity, Jamison seeks to create positive change in any venue available to him.